Radio Bolsa is a broadcasting company created on Feb 3rd, 1997

and operated by devoted professionals in mass media; Journalists,

correspondents, reporters, DJs and anchors over the world who

share the same vision of promoting democratic, human rights in the

homeland Vietnam. In addition, we share the view that our

community can live in peace and harmony while providing

resources and entertainment for the local Vietnamese community in

Northern & Southern California as well as abroad through global

websites broadcasting live daily.

Radio Bolsa has a staff of reporters, editors, anchors,

commentators, customer service personnel and sales

representatives who are experienced, dedicated and sensitive to

cultural differences as well as eager to serve the community.

Radio Bolsa broadcasts daily, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to

12 pm on 106.3 FM and from 6 pm to 10 pm on 1480 AM reaching

deep into Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire regions.

In Northern California, our coverage spreads from the Bay Area,

Oakland and San Jose on 1430 AM from 9 am to 12 pm, Monday

through Friday.

We provide Californians with a rich and varied schedule of news,

arts and entertainment in Vietnamese, keeping up cultural ties with

the ways of the homeland but also encouraging assimilation for a

mature ethnic community into mainstream American life.

With more than 250,000 listeners daily in Southern California and

200, 000 listeners in Northen California, Radio Bolsa has been one

of the main sources of the information exchange, fulfilling an

invaluable need for the Vietnamese-Americans who are increasingly

relying on our program for information outside of mainstream


Passing through the last 12 years with multiple hardships

financially, and morally, Radio Bolsa has gained trust and love from

the community we serve, enjoying popular confidence and affection

from the Vietnamese community throughout the country. The

confidence and love comes from the fact that shareholders are

professional, fair and balanced, not biased, taking neither side nor

favouritism providing reliable and up dated sources.

Radio Bolsa encompasses a broad spectrum of news, talks,

entertainment and religious programs. Our programs are designed

to acculturate newly immigrated Vietnameses to America and help

those who are already established in America to keep in touch with

their heritage. We also seek to inform and educate our audience on

current local, national and international news as well as topics of


Radio Bolsa is committed to the highest professional standards. Its

popular radio hosts and announcers include those with extensive

broadcast experience in their homeland along with those trained in

the United States. Those highlights can be seen in such programs

as: Headline news, Sport news, Entertain news, Finance updated

daily news, Weather forecast and Traffic reports, Science and

Medicine, Vietnamese around the World, talk shows, interviews,

campaigns and Public Service Announcement (PSA).

The most important task, the momentous part of RBS Programs are

news that include world, Asian and local news propagated by the

well known news anchors such as Viet Dzung, Minh Phuong, Khuc

Minh and reporters spreading all over the world including Nguyen

Dinh Khanh from Australia. Radio Bolsa is also honored to have Mr.

Nguyen Van Khanh as special correspondent with 3 live-reports

from Washington through main stream government channel news.

We have Mr. Huynh Luong Thien, a well known San Jose journalist,

and many more newsmen, DJs, reporters and correspondents all

over the world. News is covered daily from Vietnam, Asia and

around the world covering a vast span of local to world affairs.

The Commentary section by famous writer Son Dien Nguyen Viet

Khanh often named as sharp but not less witty . Through “Current

Events and Our Problems” with editor, correspondent Khuc Minh

covers most of the very sensitive issues and hard-biting problems

from the homeland to the US. “Vietnamese around the World” was

reported every month from correspondents all over the world.

Radio Bolsa always pays special attention to our entertainment

section with music from traditional to modern, including American

pop music to cater to the needs of both young to old. We are proud

od manymore programs created through 12 broadcasting-years

such as Popular and Traditional Vietnamese, American Music, Film

Review, Videos Review, Book Review, Travel, Oddly News,

Interviews with Celebrities and Art Review.

The entertainment subheading, the special items of RBS which is

the highlight section, is very well drafted, fitting and proper

measured to all levels such as : New Music New Talent, Music By

Subject, The Story Of Litterature Art, Heart-to-Heart talk show with

Bich Huyen, Mai Phuong, Uyen Diem. Music-Affection Request,

Music and Life, Week-end Entertainment, Far Away Program, Story

reading and Science & Technology with Thanh Phuong, Thanh Ba

Nguyen, Uyen Thi, Mai Trang, Khuc Minh, Hoang Truc.

Radio Bolsa would like to effectuate our policy and carry out our

scheme, plan with a promise to put them into effect faithfully

through programs that benefit the welfare of the community,

interviews with community leaders, dignitaries and celebrities and

coverage of special events, especially cultural services.

Radio Bolsa is striving, aspiration to be a bridge between the

Vietnamese consumers and local, national and international

providers of goods and services blossoms with the contribution of

hundreds of Vietnamese artists, writers, journalists and

professionals from all over the world.

Lastly, people ask why advertising on Radio Bolsa? The answer is

very simple: It is effective.

Radio Bolsa hopes to contribute to the improvement of the well-

being, welfare benefits, social welfare, prosperity and the unity of

the Vietnamese Community everywhere abroad through programs

that have been done for years.

Live broadcast: Monday through Friday 9am-12 pm on KALI-FM 106.3 and KVVN-AM 1430 6pm-9 pm on KVNR-AM 1480 Nghe live tại San Jose qua “kvvn” app trên smart phones Nghe 24/24 - 7 days / week. “radiobolsa” app trên smart phones hoặc gọi (253) 458 - 8479 hay 585- 652-0611 để nghe qua phone
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